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In my circles of skeptics, some have expressed doubts that the Project Veritas video of the Pfizer exec detailing the company’s plans for mutating the coronavirus for profit, and describing how regulators are bribed with well-paying jobs, is real. It’s been suggested this may be a set-up, even that it was deliberately planned by Pfizer to mislead skeptics. I highly doubt this.

Google now posts a warning when I search for the story. This is a common reaction when something inconvenient for the authorities goes viral.

No fact-checkers have tried to refute the story, and the reason of course is they have no clue as to how to respond. If this was planned, of course, they would have had their scripts already. As of yet, there is only a single fact-check, by Newsweek, a weak and inconclusive one, though of course, it falls into the three traps common to all the fact checkers, as I explained in my comment on its story last night.

There was clearly a scramble yesterday to remove online info on the executive in question, aimed at making it look as if he wasn’t a real person. But Brian O’Shea was quicker; Mr. Jordon Walker is a real person, he is a Pfizer executive and a medical doctor.

But the final confirmation the story is genuine must be the recording of the executive attacking the reporter after he was told what had just happened to him, as seen here.

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