Posted BY: J. Robert Smith

When has a Republican been in D.C. too long?  When he prioritizes the Ukraine war over the disintegration of the U.S.-Mexican border.  And not just any Republican, but a Texas Republican with a pivotal House leadership role.

Michael McCaul is the Texan.  He chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  He should know better than most about the dangers of flooding across the southern border.  Dangers posed by illegals, drugs, human trafficking, and cartels.  More ominously, the cartel wars raging throughout Mexico threaten to venture north into the U.S.  Tens of thousands of Mexicans are dying in those brutal wars.  Are American lives next?    

The Freedom Caucus, having wrestled important concessions from Kevin McCarthy in exchange for the speakership, has another more critical job: Stop McCaul and other House Republican war hawks from escalating America’s involvement in the Ukraine war, where the U.S. has no vital interests or national security stakes.  Shift the focus to the southern border and the growing threats there.    

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In Ukraine, increased American military aid and bold talk out of Washington about assembling a “Coalition of the willing” to oppose Russia more aggressively politically and, perhaps, militarily is sheer folly.  The smug assumption is that conflict with Russia can be contained to Ukraine.  Conceit and miscalculations may trigger a U.S.-Russian war.  A war that likely won’t be limited in scope.  

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