Dr. Kaku warns that the Earth’s inner core coming to a halt would have a ‘global impact’

Posted BY: Wyatt | NwoReport

A frightening new study suggests that the Earth’s inner core has stopped spinning, and now scientists believe it could even reverse direction within the next decade.

Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku broke down the perplexing study on “Kennedy,” explaining the alarming impact this could have on the Earth’s global environment and climate. 

planet earth shot

A new study suggests that Earth’s inner core may have stopped spinning and reverse course within the next 10 years.  (iStock / iStock)

“Hollywood almost got it right. There’s a movie called ‘The Core’ where the core of the Earth stops spinning. The magnetic field collapses. The atmosphere collapses. All hell breaks loose. And now we have scientists at Beijing University saying it’s happening. The core of the Earth has, in fact, come to a halt in 2009, and now it’s about to go backward, they think,” Dr. Kaku said.

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Dr. Kaku explained that scientists were able to develop the unnerving study by analyzing earthquakes. 

“The way they do it is by analyzing earthquakes. When an earthquake happens, shock waves go bouncing around the inside of the earth through the core and create echoes. A computer then analyzes the echoes and then pieces it together. That’s how we know what the core of the earth looks like. And we find out that yes, yes, indeed, the core has come to a halt,” Dr. Kaku explained to FOX Business host Lisa Kennedy. 

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