Posted BY: Rajan Laad

For any given election, it is customary to expect some falsehoods. An occasional overstatement of accomplishments, the underplaying of shortcomings, and the mischaracterization of opponents’ statements. All of this is political theatre.

While candidates and campaigns fabricate, government agencies must serve as watchdogs to reveal complete and factual information to every citizen so they can freely decide whom to vote for.

Why is it necessary to state the obvious?

Because matters have obviously gone haywire.

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Just yesterday, following a court order, footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi at his San Francisco home was made public. Andrea Widberg thoroughly covered the details in her recent piece.  There are open questions and no clear answers about some aspects of the occurrences that night.  The reason citizens should be concerned about it is that the incident was used to push a narrative prior to the midterm elections.

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