Posted BY: John Horvat II

This year, California was hit by not one but nine “atmospheric rivers” that drenched the state, flooded communities, and filled reservoirs. The storm fronts are called “rivers” because they concentrate their punch over long narrow areas. Despite the property damage, the parade of storms was a welcome respite after years of drought.

However, California officials are saying that the massive storms have not solved the drought problem. Water customers may be asked to continue conservation efforts. Agricultural users can expect only 30 percent of regular water deliveries.

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These drought provisions will continue despite the following:

  • Tens of trillions of gallons of freshwater that dropped upon the state from the storms:
  • A snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that is double the size of an average year;
  • Many reservoirs, especially in the state’s northern part, now have over 100 percent capacity;
  • Rains so intense that they could have filled a reservoir the size of the massive Hetch Hetchy water system that supplies San Francisco once every 24 hours; and
  • Water districts reporting underground storage replenished by billions of gallons of water.

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