Republicans nearly unanimously voted to support the ‘Freedom for Health Care Workers Act’ repealing Biden’s mandate.

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

The Republican-dominated US House of Representatives voted to end the Biden administration’s draconian Covid vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

On Tuesday, the vote for the “Freedom for Health Care Workers Act” repealing Biden’s mandate was split almost evenly along party lines, passing 227 to 203. Seven Democrats defected and joined Republicans.


The bill states it’s intended “To eliminate the COVID–19 vaccine mandate on health care providers furnishing items and services under certain Federal health care programs.”

Several GOP House reps delivered rousing speeches in favor of healthcare workers’ rights to choose whether to refuse the jab that has demonstrably been proven to be ineffective.

“What does that bill do?” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) asked on the House floor. “It ends the unscientific, illogical, immoral, unconstitutional, unethical vaccine mandate on healthcare workers that is predicated on lies.”

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