This isn’t the first time these mystery objects have perplexed governments and onlookers

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

Independent journalist Kanekoa The Great posted a viral Twitter thread on Friday noting UFOs similar to the “Chinese spy balloon” currently floating over the United States have been previously spotted in other countries and even America.

Since 2020, almost identical objects were spotted over Japan, India, and Hawaii with a blimp-looking balloon being spotted over the Philippines.

As explained in the thread, the first sighting of one of the balloons was in June of 2020 over Japan.

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In January 2022, a similar flying object was seen over India and again off the coast of Hawaii a month later.

The U.S. Air Force scrambled jets to investigate the balloon over Hawaii at the time.

The object flying near Hawaii was reportedly close to the American military’s largest and most advanced missile testing locations.

Jets intercepted the balloon near Hawaii and may have shot it down with locals reporting loud booms in the area, but the Air Force claimed it did not shoot the object.

Some type of transparent surveillance ship was photographed over the Philippines in December 2022.

The media in China at the time admitted the aircraft resembled one displayed at one of their air shows but claimed there was “no evidence” it came from China.

Brazilian media outlets also compared the aircraft to high-altitude vehicles being worked on by China.

A meteorologist reverse-engineered the flight path of the balloon currently floating over the U.S. and suggested it was launched from somewhere in the middle of China.

The Pentagon on Friday told the public the balloon is carrying a “payload” large enough that citizens could be in danger if it were shot down.

In military jargon, a “payload” could be defined as a warhead or a military missile.

The vast majority of U.S. citizens know the government isn’t giving them all the details regarding this mysterious matter.
Will we ever receive honest and informative answers?