Posted BY: Chris Kemble

Republicans neither know nor care how crime got so bad, and unsurprisingly keep losing elections. The revolving door crime wave exploded in the 1960s, putting the criminals back on the street before the police could fill out the paperwork. Over the last year I talked to a thousand people about crime and not one, including criminal justice professionals and elected officials, could tell me how this revolving door started in the 1960s. Some suggested the Great Society, drugs, or the disintegration of the American family, but these came later. Crime shot up like a Saturn V rocket because it was a deliberate policy to open up the jails and let criminals walk. Supreme Court justices, other top judges, intellectuals, criminologists, and the U.S. attorney general all proclaimed prison confinement a medieval idea and that behavioral ‘scientists’ would simply rehabilitate the criminals.

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The results were disastrous. Homicides more than doubled and all other categories of crime quadrupled or more. Progressives refused to reverse course and fought against sentencing reform for decades. The defeat of Democrats in Congress in 1995 corresponded to Truth-in-Sentencing laws passed in the mid-1990s that cut homicides back to 1950s levels. In 2014 progressives such as BLM and Defund the Police movements launched the War on Police, now homicides are soaring. Since progressives opened up the prisons in the 1960s over one million Americans have been murdered and 1.2 million have died in opioid overdoses, more than in all U.S. wars combined.

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