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Turkey cracked down on social media Wednesday, just two days after being devastated by an earthquake — censoring Twitter and even arresting online detractors in an attempt to quiet criticism of its relief response, according to reports.

Several internet providers in the country refused Twitter access to their customers, according to Netblocks, a London-based global internet monitor. 

The move to shield their citizens from seeing critiques of their government’s handling of the response to the deadly tremor — which has already claimed at least 11,000 lives — could have fatal consequences, as locals continue rely on social media to organize and learn of relief and rescue work.

People trapped under the rubble but still able to access their phones have been using Twitter to share their location with first responders and call for help, a journalist for The Economist tweeted.

Turkish police also detained at least 18 people and arrested at least five citizens for making “provocative posts,” Semafor reported

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