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The father of MSU killer Anthony McRae says he turned ‘evil and bitter’ after his mother died from a stroke in 2020 and quit his warehouse job to stay at home and play video games. 

McRae, 43, killed himself last night after senselessly murdering three students on the MSU campus. He injured another five. 

His father Michael, 66, described him today as a ‘mama’s boy’ who turned ‘evil and mean’ after his mother Linda died suddenly three years ago. The pair lived together in McRae’s family home, which is around five miles from the MSU campus. 

‘He was a mama’s boy. He loved his mom. They were tight. His mom was like his sister. Everything happened so fast,’ he told NBC News

Two of McRae’s victims have been named. They are Alexandria Verner and Brian Fraser. The family of the third victim has asked for their name not to be published. 

McRae was found with a note in his pocket indicating a threat to two public schools in Ewing, New Jersey, which were closed for the day ‘out of an abundance of caution’.  

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‘He was grieving his mom. He wouldn’t let it go. He got bitter, bitter, and bitter. 

‘His mom died, and he just started getting evil and mean. He didn’t care about anything anymore.’ 

He said he encouraged his son to confide in him, referring to himself as ‘daddy’. 

‘I said, “Talk to daddy. Let me know if something is on your mind. If you need help, I’ll get you help.”

‘He said, “I’m OK, dad, I don’t need help.”

McRae’s father says he told him he ‘got rid’ of his gun, but neighbors complained about him shooting in the backyard. 

‘I said, “I hope you got rid of that gun, man.” And he said, “Yeah, I got rid of it. I got rid it.” He didn’t.’ 

Neighbors say he practiced shooting in the backyard. 

‘He was firing a firearm out of the back door of the house into the yard. We’re right in the city.

‘You shouldn’t be firing a firearm in the middle of the city,’ Megan Bender, 34, told NBC. 

His co-workers from the warehouse say he was God-fearing and trying to ‘turn his life around’. 

‘I do remember him saying that God saved him from the life he had. I don’t remember what he dealt with back in the day. 

 ‘But he definitely was trying to turn his life around at the time, and this definitely is weird,’ Gregory DeMyers told The Daily Beast. 

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