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A schoolgirl was tragically electrocuted to death by her phone charger after she touched a frayed extension cable at her home in Thailand.

Rattanawadee Poontawee, 12, was found dead at her house in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand, on February 13 after grabbing the phone charger which was still plugged into the extension socket.

Her grandmother, Chaweewan Poontawee, 58, was in another room when she heard a loud bang ‘like someone falling down’.

When the older woman went to check, she was met with a horrifying sight – her granddaughter lay on the floor twitching after touching an exposed portion of the electricity cable’s wire, which was attached to her phone.

Chaweewan ran to switch off the circuit breaker at the main point on the wall before checking on the youngster who had stopped moving.

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