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I took notes during the Ohio government update on the East Palestine train derailment and toxic chemical spill response.  The full press briefing is below. The media presence was a mix of uncurious stenographers and some inquisitive journalists.

After about 20 minutes of generally obtuse outlines intended to downplay the seriousness of the crisis, which included a game and fish commissioner saying 3,500 fish were killed by the chemical pollutants – yet never actually saying *what* about the chemicals killed the fish, suddenly the Ohio EPA official admitted something important.

WATER QUALITY – After the Ohio EPA spent several minutes saying the released chemicals are *CURRENTLY* dissipating to “nontraceable levels” at various points in the downstream waterways, suddenly she admits the “initial slack” of chemicals did reach the Ohio River. [Prompted 19:34, WATCH]  The “Contamination Plume” is traveling down the Ohio River at approximately 1 mph, providing the various municipal water systems the ability to disconnect from the Ohio River intake as the toxins pass by.

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