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The train derailment and release of toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio, on Feb. 3 has resulted in at least 3,500 fish dead, according to an estimate from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Wildlife officers with the Ohio environmental agency found dead fish in Leslie Run, Bull Creek, and a portion of the North Fork of Beaver Creek, the agency told News5 on Monday.

As of Feb. 8, some 3,500 minnows, sculpin, darter, and small sucker fish have been killed by the chemical release, the Department of Natural Resources told the outlet.

Due to the spill, a water utility company in West Virginia announced Sunday that it will install a secondary intake on the Guyandotte River in case there’s a need to use an alternate water source, reported The Associated Press. It said that there have been no changes in its raw water levels where it monitors the Ohio River.

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It came after a woman who lives in the area said she saw dead fish in Leslie Run, saying that her family uses the same water.

“That’s what we bathe in, that’s what we drink, that’s what we cook with and that’s what I also give to my animals, so it’s a major concern and they could not reassure me the water was safe to drink. They didn’t say it wasn’t and absolutely refrained from saying that it was,” Linda Murphy, who lives three miles from the train derailment, told the outlet.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed that chemicals released from the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, earlier this month have been found in the Ohio River, one of the largest rivers in the United States.

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