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In 2014 MSNBC Host Krystal Ball was a Hillary Clinton fan but did not think that she should run for president in the 2016 election. She expressed this view on air in a monologue. After she had ripped Hillary, Ball said she was called into the office and told to get commentary on Hillary Clinton approved by the network president.

Ball is no longer with MSNBC, but the fact that she was told how to express her commentary speaks volumes about the network that has fallen behind in the cable news ratings.

Now revealing that situation in a podcast with Joe Rogan, Ball recently said that the left-wing network told her to stifle any criticism of Clinton, Trending Politics reports. TP notes that Ball’s story is a “fascinating insight into the workings of MSNBC, which resembles less a “news network” than a DNC talking points shop”.

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“I did a monologue when Hillary Clinton was building up to run for president,” Ball said. “I did this whole thing that was like, ‘She sold out to Wall Street. People are gonna hate this lady. She’s like the terrible candidate for the moment. Please don’t run’.” Ball continued, “Afterwards, I get pulled into an office and you know, ‘Great monologue, everything’s fine. But next time you do any commentary on Hillary Clinton, it has to get approved by the President of the network,’” she said.

Former MSNBC host Krystal Ball to Joe Rogan on how MSNBC tried to control her coverage of Hillary Clinton in 2014:

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