Footage shows instant karma as an officer uses an off-duty weapon in the ultimate self-defense struggle for survival.

Posted BY: Infowars

A female off-duty officer in Chicago resorted to lethal force after a man attempted to rob her.

Footage of the Jan. 18 incident released Thursday shows the harrowing moment the officer fought off the man she’d just been speaking to as he tried to attack her.

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Video shows the female officer exchanging words with the criminal, Leevon Smith, before she attempts to leave.

As she walks away, Smith grabs her and tries to take her down.

“I’ll kill you,” the officer tells Smith as she struggles to fight him off.

“You try to kill me then,” Smith is heard saying as he continues trying to subdue the officer.

“Watch this,” the officer tells him as she manages to grab her firearm and fire a shot at him in close range.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry!” Smith immediately says, adding “You got me!” after she fires another shot.

“I told your dumbass I’d kill you,” she says.

“Baby, I’m sorry,” Smith tells her. “I’m sorry. … I don’t want to die.”

The officer then yells for passersby to call the police.

“I told you’re dumb— I’d shoot you,” she tells him. “You tried to steal my f—ing gun. I don’t give any f— about him. He just tried to rob me.” 

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Smith already had felony charges before he tried to rob the officer:

The officer ultimately calls 911 herself and reports that she shot Smith as he tried to rob her. “I’m trying to call my bosses, but ain’t no one answering for me,” she said.

“F— it, I can’t believe this just happened to me,” she said before telling first responders that she is a cop and Smith tried to steal her “off-duty gun.”

A day before Smith died, Cook County prosecutors approved felony charges against him, the arrest report shows. He faced counts of attempted robbery and aggravated battery, but the charges don’t appear in county court records.

Despite Smith clearly appearing to be in the wrong, his estate filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city claiming the officer used “excessive force” and “knew or should have known that such force was not necessary in light of the circumstances.”

Let’s hope the courts side with common sense and the right to self-defense on this one.