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Conservative rock star Kristina Karamo made history when she became the first black female chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Trust me when I tell you, this is just the beginning of “firsts” for Karamo, the most honest, sincere, and forthright person to ever occupy the role of MI GOP Chair.

The former Republican MI Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo won the chair race with 58% of the vote to the former MI AG candidate Matt DePerno’s 42%. The final vote was tallied after three rounds of voting that took place over 11 hours at the MI GOP State Convention, where thousands of delegates gathered together to choose the person they believe will do the best job of reinventing what many believe is a broken party that needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt in the image of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, and not billionaire bully Betsy DeVos or former useless GOP chairs like Laura Cox or country club GOP Chair Bobby Schostak.  

The fake news media is already losing their minds.

The moment the MI GOP Chair race was officially called for Karamo, Metro Detroit’s top fake news reporter Craig Mauger of the Detroit News, immediately shared a screenshot of Kristina’s plan to fight back against the Democrat Party’s well-oiled voter fraud machine in Michigan.

Reminder: This is from Kristina Karamo’s vision plan for the Michigan Republican Party.

Yep! She will be amazing! No more sitting back & allowing our elections to be stolen, no more backroom deals w/ crooked RINOs & Dems. @KristinaKaramo will be a force to be reckoned with—& there’s no one who will stand in her way—especially not fake news reporters like @CraigDMauger

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Instead of congratulating the first black female on holding the prestigious position of MI GOP Chair, Julie Hinds of the Detroit Free Press uses words like “Election denier” to describe Karamo, and with no evidence of her claim, is suggesting Karamo, who is one of the most beloved candidates to ever run for office in the MI Republican Party will “alienate moderate voices.” If Karamo was a Democrat, the media would be crying “racism” over the media’s treatment of her.

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