Posted BY: Jim Hoft

Don’t you feel safe knowing the dementia patient is in charge of US nukes right now and the Mark Milley is his top general?

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Intelligence reported on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is launching a large-scale exercise of strategic nuclear forces as Joe Biden prepares for his trip to Europe.

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Via the Ukrainian Defense Department.

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The Russian Federation is starting large-scale exercises of strategic nuclear forces on the eve of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Europe.

Currently, the preparation of components of the strategic nuclear forces for the launch of sea-based and land-based ballistic missiles, as well as air-based cruise missiles, has been confirmed.

As part of preparations for the exercises, a check of the centralized combat control system of the Russian Armed Forces “Monolit” was carried out. In particular, the combat control channels were checked, the forces and assets of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) were transferred to the highest levels of combat readiness, the crew of the missile submarine cruiser of strategic purpose was given a combat order to exit the launch area, and the 24-hour combat readiness of the SNF was maintained.

An auxiliary control point of the long-range aviation command has also been deployed at the Tambov air base.