Posted BY: Allan J. Feifer

Some of my friends think Biden has been a punching bag for conservatives, while others can’t believe how much Biden gets away with.  Since both can’t be true, which is it?  Biden may be the least transparent president in history, although he claims the contrary.  Biden has done just 22 media interviews, fewer than any of his six most recent White House predecessors at this point in their presidencies.  Why?  By avoiding answering revealing questions, could he be seeking to make it all go away?

There are two primary reasons Biden does not meet with the public more often.  And when he does, he frequently does not speak the truth.

  1. Biden is low energy, finding it difficult to prepare and deliver speeches, and frequently makes gaffes that are misread by friend and foe alike.
  2. Biden has known skeletons in his closet and has not fought back well against allegations.
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This partial list of challenges to the President’s transparency reveals his attempts to explain not just mistakes but displays terrible judgment:

  • Balloongate — In a single 10-day period, the American people witnessed an unchallenged, week-long aerial invasion of the United States.  Biden’s administration explained it in multiple, sometimes contradictory ways, with the commander in chief blaming the advice he received from the Joint Chiefs.  And when the next three airborne intruders were discovered, they were rapidly shot down.
  • Ukraine — I must have missed the President explaining the specific objectives we seek.  To most Americans who support backing Ukraine, it appears like the President is playing a game of chicken.  We seem to give the Ukrainians enough support to defend themselves at a horrific cost of lives.  But we won’t give them the decisive weapons they need to push Russia out.  The logical conclusion is that Biden is playing out the clock and eventually expects Ukraine to capitulate and make peace under threat of collapse as western nations tire of Biden’s game.

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