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The spate of catastrophic train derailments across the US heartland has continued after another train left its tracks in Gothenburg, Nebraska.

Emergency hazmat crews rushed to the scene following the derailment, which occurred overnight Tuesday at around 1:45 am on the eastern edge of the town. 

A witness told that the issue has plagued the small town after the same stretch of track has seen four train derailments in the last 10 months. 

The latest derailment comes after several other similar wrecks occurred in recent weeks, including a devastating accident in East Palestine, Ohio that caused the town to be evacuated after it was damaged by a toxic waste runoff. 

The East Palestine and Nebraska derailments are among more than a dozen train wrecks that have been reported across the US since the start of the year, leading embattled Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg to announce that he is now planning to visit the site of the toxic derailment in Ohio, 18 days after the disaster. 

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