Posted BY: Adina Kutnicki

Sans a scintilla of a doubt, leftism is a mental illness, among other idée fixes. Often termed (and confused with) liberalism, its current incarnation is light-years removed from yesteryear’s truly liberal and enlightened ideology. Polar opposites. Night and day.

So much so, within the widely acclaimed ResearchGate, ‘Mental Illness and the Left‘ (and elsewhere), the mendacious lies of said cult-like followers are duly exposed. To wit, the linkages and nexuses to mental illness are rock-solid and can no longer be wished away. From the abstract:

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It has been claimed that left-wingers or liberals (US sense) tend to be more mentally ill than right-wingers or conservatives. This potential link was investigated using the General Social Survey. A search found 5 items measuring one’s own mental illness in different ways (e.g. ‘Do you have any emotional or mental disability?’). All of these items were associated with left-wing political ideology as measured by self-report. These results held up mostly in regressions that adjusted for age, sex, and race. For the variable with the most data, the difference in mental illness between ‘extremely liberal’ and ‘extremely conservative’ was 0.39 d. This finding is congruent with numerous findings based on related constructs.

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