‘This could have been a homicide,’ says the county sheriff.

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A Florida teen’s vicious attack on a teacher’s aide for confiscating his gaming device is stirring outrage after footage of the brutal assault surfaced this week.

The incident happened Tuesday at Matanzas High School in Palm Beach, where security cameras filmed as the special needs boy socked the aide square in the face knocking her unconscious before proceeding to mercilessly pummel her limp body.

The footage shows several staff members were required to stop the boy amid the one-sided altercation.
“The student was escorted from the area and later placed in custody,” the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a statement. “The 17-year-old student was transported to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility and later turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice. The student has been charged with Felony Aggravated Battery with Bodily Harm.”
The boy, standing tall at 6 feet and 6 inches and weighing 270 pounds, told police he was “upset because the victim took his Nintendo Switch away from him during class.”
Fox 35 Orlando reports the teen had remarked in class he would harm the teacher if she attempted to take his device.
While in the classroom, the student made statements that he was upset that she took his game away and said he “will beat her up every time she takes away his game,” an arrest report stated, and that “when he comes back he is going to kill her.”

The Sheriff’s office posted a video of the teen’s arrest on Facebook:
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“The actions of this student are absolutely horrendous and completely uncalled for,” noted Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly. “We hope the victim will be able to recover, both mentally and physically, from this incident. Thankfully, students and staff members came to the victim’s aid before the SRDs could arrive. Our schools should be a safe place – for both employees and students.”

“This could have been a homicide,” Staly said in a comment to WESH. “When you push people down like that, they hit their head, you never know the outcome.”

The teacher’s assistant, who has reportedly been employed as a paraprofessional by the school since 2004, was hospitalized, but her condition has not yet been made public.

Despite the severity of the heinous assault, one mental health advocate told the Daily Mail the attack was “not this child’s fault.”