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The peculiar incident, which occurred in Surrey, British Columbia on the afternoon of February 18th, made local news headlines and left numerous witnesses scratching their heads.

Multiple video clips taken from different angles show the bird, which appeared to be dead, lying motionless in mid-air next to some overhead cables, but there was nothing attached to it.

Puzzled onlookers walked around and peered up at the spectacle, unable to explain what they were seeing.

“That’s a dead bird and it is just floating in the air, no strings, no nothing,” said one witness. “There was absolutely nothing we could see with the human eye that was holding it or attached to it.”

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“Very weird and eerie. Literally, [it] looked like a dead bird just floating.”

Arguably, however, there must be something keeping the bird up there.

“Given the proximity of trees and telegraph wires, I would suggest some kind of invisible suspension material such as a fishing line is involved rather than a glitch in an incomplete reality,” said geography professor Paul Kingsbury of Simon Fraser University.

“It was certainly mysterious, perhaps paranormal, but captivating as well, almost reminiscent of an artwork, a kind of impromptu Banksy paranormal moment, perhaps.”