Posted BY: Ted Noel

Many of you will note that I tried to give the Turtle the benefit of the doubt since he got Trump’s judges confirmed. But since then, his actions against Trump showed his true Swamp colors, complete with their unsavory olfactory component. Which brings us to Kevin McCarthy.

Many of us have been uncertain about McCarthy, and for apparent good reason. During his tenure as Minority Leader in the House, he did an excellent imitation of a wheeler and dealer, with little evidence that he had any principles whatever. He acted more as a middleman than someone at the tiller of state, and that really makes pinning him down seem like trying to throw Jell-O for distance. Either he was completely worthless, or he was something other than he appeared.

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The fight over the Speaker’s chair leads me to suggest a thought experiment to sort out just who Kevin McCarthy might actually be. Two things lead me to ask questions. First, since the Speaker election, McCarthy has actually done a lot of good things for the MAGA cause. He has appointed the needed select committees that have thrown Democrats into a tizzy. He appointed key Freedom Caucus members to those committees. And just days ago, he released over forty thousand hours of January 6 video that the Democrats refused to let America see. Hmmm….

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