Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

In teasing an imminent re-election announcement from President Braindead, pretend medical doctor Jill Biden recently bragged that her husband had “brought us out of the chaos.”  Brought us out of the chaos?  Both inflation and illegal immigration are out of control, Americans’ financial security is in tatters, forced “vaccinations” did nothing to curb COVID, and we’re closer to WWIII than ever before.  If this is Slow Joe’s idea of “smooth sailing,” then nuclear Armageddon is nothing but “a bit of a rough patch.”  

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Just what do Jill and her Marxist mavens smoke that so twists their noggins into thinking that the nation is in better shape since they took control of D.C. behind barbed-wire fences, sandbag barricades, and military troops?  Under President Trump — the guy they call “chaos” — the economy was roaring, America was energy independent, blue-collar jobs were returning, a border wall was being built, the U.S. was maneuvering around China to engage North Korea directly, Russia was not invading foreign territories, historic peace between Israel and her Muslim neighbors was breaking out, and the White House had refrained from starting any new wars.  The years between Trump’s inauguration and the release of the “Chinese Flu” biological weapon were the most prosperous and tranquil in quite some time — unless you felt perpetually “triggered” by truthful “mean tweets.”  

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