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Seven were hospitalized after a Lufthansa Airlines flight from Austin to Frankfurt made an emergency landing in Washington DC following being struck by lightning and plummeting 1,000 feet while the no-seatbelt sign was turned off. 

Terrified passengers were surrounded by a ‘lot of broken glass’ and left screaming in terror after Lufthansa Flight 469 hit a traumatic wave of turbulence at 37,000 feet on Wednesday while flying over Tennessee

The flight landed at Washington-Dulles International Airport around 9 pm, just three hours into the 10.5-hour flight to Germany. Seven passengers were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. 

One man, who claimed his wife was on the flight, said the ‘people who didn’t have the seat belts fastened got hurt mostly cause it came as surprise’ after the plane was struck by lightning. 

A photo the man’s wife sent him shows food trays, containers, silverware, and pamphlets scattered among the aisle after landing. 

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A passenger, who spoke anonymously with the Washington Post, said food ‘went flying into the air, hitting and even damaging the ceiling of the plane.’ 

The passenger sitting in the row in front of them had to be wheeled off the plane in a wheelchair after being ‘badly hurt’ and was heavily bleeding.  

Another person whose sister and brother-in-law was on the flight said it was ‘exceptionally scary, [with] lots of broken glass and screaming and multiple injuries,’ according to The Sun

The airline has offered passengers a link to request a refund after an angry passenger Ashley wrote on Twitter: ‘Many of our plans have been affected, our clothes are ruined, and we definitely expect far more than just a hotel tonight.’ 

‘We would like to get immediate help and compensation for the catastrophic forced landing incident involving LH469,’ she wrote. 

The airline is providing hotel accommodations for the passengers.  

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