Posted BY: Alex Gordon

March 5 marks the 70th anniversary of Joseph Stalin’s death.

The Russian government is looking for different ways to improve the morale of the people by emphasizing the connection of the current ruling regime, which is fighting the Ukrainian “Nazis,” with the victory of the Soviet Army over the Wehrmacht. February 2, 2023, marked the 80th anniversary of the Soviet Army’s victory over the German forces at Stalingrad. This battle was the bloodiest battle in history: about two million people died on both sides.

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To mark the occasion, a bronze bust of Generalissimo Joseph Stalin, the bloody Soviet dictator, was erected and unveiled on a granite pedestal near the Battle of Stalingrad memorial in the former city of Stalingrad, now Volgograd, a city of over a million people. The bust was unveiled during a visit to Volgograd by Vladimir Putin, the current leader of the fight against “Nazism.” The ceremony included criticism of countries that destroy historical monuments — Ukraine and the United States — and praise for the Russians who are erecting monuments to their leaders and heroes.

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