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A 33-year-old woman has died and two people are fighting for their lives after they were crushed during a stampede at a concert in Rochester.

The female victim and eight others were crushed during a show by GloRilla and Finesse2Tymes after thousands of concertgoers surged toward the exits of the Main Street Armory venue last night at around 11.05 pm. 

The concertgoers had become panicked and rushed for the exits after they mistakenly thought they heard the sound of gunshots amidst the loud music.

Witnesses have spoken of how they were struggling to breathe and saw others around them fall to the floor, with one woman saying, ‘I could feel my breath leaving my body’.

‘All I know, it was a lot of running. A lot of people got hurt. I see people on the ground, like hurt badly,’ one witness told News10NBC. ‘It was deathly packed. So I knew I had to get up out of there,’ he added.

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