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So Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s little Met Gala stunt got her an ethics investigation, and not only did she violate the ethics rules, she may have violated federal law.

And not only that, but her PR firm and the dress designer have been stonewalling the investigation.

And not only THAT, but to top it all off, she tried to STIFF small businesses who helped her with her red carpet attention who– well, you know what-ing.

It was just a few days ago the Office of Congressional Ethics recommended the House committee probe continue in the session. And New York Post reported that was followed by revelations about the stonewalling and lack of cooperation.

So much for transparency, eh, Alex?

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An executive at the left-leaning public relations firm BerlinRosen stonewalled congressional investigators probing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ notorious 2021 Met Gala appearance, and could face a subpoena.

Janna Pea, a BerlinRosen executive vice president, along with designer Aurora James and the Brother Vellies brand behind the famous “Tax the Rich” couture gown AOC wore to the party all failed to cooperate in the probe.

The independent Office of Congressional Ethics, in a report issued Thursday, recommended the House Ethics Committee continue the investigation after it found that the socialist firebrand likely received “impermissible gifts” associated with her attendance at the September 2021 gala.

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