Central Bank Digital Currencies are already here, and they present the biggest threat to our freedom. Let’s look closely to understand how this works.

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During the Freedom Convoy, Justin Trudeau’s government decided they were going to freeze the bank accounts of peaceful protestors as a means to deter and stop protests that, quite frankly, were making the Canadian government look bad in the eyes of many.

As many as 280 bank accounts were frozen during that time. Those tax-paying citizens who disapproved of government policies and wanted to peacefully say something about it lost access to their funds in a matter of hours.

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The truth is, this type of action by the government could become much more common in the near future, and they could do it much more quickly.

In fact, with what’s coming, governments could have the power to stop you from buying anything without their permission. They could even monitor and track everything you buy, including who you buy it from. This would all be done through Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

In this piece, I’ll break down what CBDCs are, ways in which they can be used nefariously, and how we can stop them.

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