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The release by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson of the unseen footage from the Capitol surveillance cameras on Jan 6 has caused an uproar on the left. Diverting the attention from the fact that the Jan 6 Committee did not consider the footage, in fact, did not even view it, The Biden administration is trying to call the in-your-face footage “lies” and to attack Fox for viewing it.

As covered by Republic Brief, there is already a case being brought against the Biden DOJ for not including the footage in its original investigation, and in the court cases of those accused of violence that day.

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Nevertheless, bringing up points that have already been declared, such as the difference between network and cable news and the commentary of the hosts on cable news, at least one spokesperson for the Biden administration is suggesting that censorship by the government of news shows should be discussed. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre amazingly complained about Fox News’ objectivity in a recent interview with leftwing Mediaite host Dean Obeidallah and suggested that the government should control cable news.

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