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Predictions of apocalyptic events that mark the end of humanity, the collapse of civilization, or planetary destruction have been made since the beginning of time.  When should we believe a doomsday forecast?  Does the fear-driven forecast make us more prepared and improve our future?

Last week, Santa Clara County (SCC)’s director of emergency services issued a local emergency warning related to winter rain and snowstorm conditions.  He sought to add SCC to the State of Emergency umbrella of 13 counties Governor Newsom was protecting with “disaster response and relief.” 

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Anticipating an atmospheric river storm last Friday, Foothill College announced that classes would be online. Although Santa Cruz county sustained significant flooding in low-lying areas, SCC remained dry and sunny. Another atmospheric river storm was forecast, with high winds and heavy rains, this Tuesday, and President Biden approved a federal emergency declaration, which would allow FEMA to provide assistance. Foothill’s President Fong announced on Tuesday morning that all campus services and classes would pivot from in-person to virtual. Personally, I awoke to rain that morning, but nothing kept me from my three-mile morning jog. Wunderground forecast 0.1 to 0.5 inches of rain, with no rain forecast past 3 P.M.

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