Florida Gov. admitted there’s no data showing how Covid jab reacts in conjunction with other traditional childhood vaccines, or whether it’s harming children.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) declared Covid jabs shouldn’t be administered to babies as it hasn’t been determined whether the mRNA “vaccines” combined with other childhood injections could cause them harm.

DeSantis made the comments at a press conference Thursday, admitting there’s no data “in terms of how [the Covid jab is] reacting to traditional childhood vaxxes,” adding, “We just don’t know” whether babies could be harmed.

“I think … what people who are pushing the baby jabs are like, ‘Well, we don’t have evidence that it’s causing, therefore it must not be,’ but you just don’t know,” the governor stated, flanked by Florida Attorney General Joe Ladapo.

“I just think, I think Joe did very good because we were the only state in the country that didn’t do the baby jabs through our health department,” DeSantis highlighted.

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