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President Donald Trump has posted on Facebook for the first time in two years after he was suspended for backing the Capitol rioters.

‘I’m back’, the former president wrote in Friday alongside a video of his speech declaring victory in the 2020 election, alongside his son Barron and Mike Pence.

His first post came just hours after his YouTube channel was restored.

Trump was suspended from most social media platforms after January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

He now as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at his disposal and can reach millions during his presidential run. 

Meta, which owns Facebook, announced on January 25 that Trump would be allowed back on if he played by the rules.

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Even though he has been reinstated on Twitter, he hasnot been posting and has instead opted to use Truth Social.

In a post on his favored social media site on Thursday, he said that the US, not Russia or China, was the ‘greatest threat to Western Civilization‘. 

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