Posted BY: Jay Valentine

Try this:  Trump’s popularity and national fatigue with leftist outcomes — transgender beer, rampant crime, invasion of illegals — and America has enough and gives Trump more votes than the other guy in 2024 — obvious to all.

Then, the election is stolen!

The Trump campaign focuses on not getting screwed with ballot harvesting — blind to the dozen other forms of fraud coming their way.

This is where the multilayered, 20-years-in-the-making, voter fraud swamp comes out from the deep with everything they have.  The first step is to rally at the Spy Museum to get all the players on the same page.

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The Trump team focuses on ballot harvesting.  Behind them is the hapless Republican National Committee building a new, just-in-time year-round voter integrity group engineered to miss over 90% of the institutional voter fraud our collaborative teams found in 2021 and 2022.

What about the other dozen ways leftists have in place today to tilt the scales?

Election fraud infrastructure is layered and multifaceted — it’s not simply about mail-in ballots.

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