A water polo player for Dinamo Bucharest, Andrei Drăghici, aged 23, died during the game against Rapid Bucharest today. He felt sudden chest pain during the second quarter. According to the available information, he couldn’t swim back to defense, after his team’s attack. He stayed close to Rapid’s goal. A goalkeeper of the home team and other players helped him swim to the edge of the pool. Players of both teams and medical staff tried to reanimate him for an hour but didn’t succeed.

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Drăghici was born on November 24, 1998, in Oradea.

Dinamo Sports Club’s announcement:

The medical staff on the scene and those who arrived later following the emergency calls tried for a long time to resuscitate him, but after about an hour, the death was declared. The young polo player had trained in sports for more than 15 years and had no known health problems.