Posted BY: Chris Knight, The Western Journal

A Pennsylvania mother who had been registered Democrat for over thirty years has abandoned the party and signed on with the Republicans.

And she is far from alone.

On “Fox & Friends First,” Beth Ann Rosica shared why she left the Democrats after being loyal to the party for 34 years.  Her words are likely the same as the more than 39,000 other former Democrats in Pennsylvania who have switched party affiliation in the months leading up to the 2022 election.

Rosica cited the economic situation, but also emphasized what has happened to children during and since the COVID-19 outbreak. “I think the economy is huge, and I also think a lot of the school issues for parents across the state of Pennsylvania,” she said. “It’s just been horrific watching what’s happened to our kids academically, socially, emotionally.”

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In contrast to the roughly 40,000 abandoning ship from the Democrats in Pennsylvania, approximately 12,000 former Republicans have switched their own affiliation.

Rosica continued: “All of these failed policies have just really resulted in academic losses.” She said that many people, especially parents, are “fed up and disgusted with what’s happened here over the last two and a half years.”

It was disillusionment enough to shake her from her longtime partisan roots. “As a former Democrat for 34 years prior to the pandemic, I, too, thought that the Democratic Party was really focused on the people that they pretend to support,” Rosica said.

Rosica insisted that it was the party’s reaction to COVID-19 that enticed her leaving the Democrats. “What I saw through the pandemic was that the Democratic Party basically abandoned all of those people.”

It was something that opened her eyes, Mrs. Rosica said. “And so that was why I left the party, or as I like to say, the party really left me, and I think that a lot more people are really starting to see that.”

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