Posted BY: D. Parker

It’s time to have a set of solutions to counter the emotional bullying of leftist gaslighting ghouls before a tragedy takes place.

Playing defense to every leftist emotional exploitation of tragedy has seen the pro-freedom right steadily lose ground in the defense of individual liberty, the time has come to change all that.  We need to advance solutions that work instead of just serving to deprive the people of their commonsense civil rights.

What if we tried something different?  What if we “had a conversation” about the issue outside the emotional hysteria of tragedy?

What if we put forward a series of measures designed to truly solve the problem instead of having one side use the issue as a cudgel against our commonsense civil rights?  We need solutions that would solve the problem, that couldn’t be dismissed by the usual talking points.

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Thus, we have five freedom-based solutions to the criminal violence problem that don’t infringe on the people’s individual liberty — solutions that work instead of acting as incremental moves to gun confiscation.

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