Child perishes after mother hands her off to stranger during Colorado River crossing

Posted BY: Dan Lyman

The body of a young child was recovered from a border river in California this week, according to reports.

A five-year-old girl drowned in the Colorado River when she and her mother attempted to cross into the United States with a group of illegal aliens on Monday.

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A woman taken into custody by Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents told them she had been separated from her daughter during the crossing.

“The mother stated that she had handed her child to an unknown individual in the group and was last seen in the vicinity of the Morelos Dam near Andrade, CA,” Customs and Border Protection (CBP) explained in a statement.

“Agents immediately responded to the area to search for the missing child and ultimately discovered a child in the Colorado River.”

The child was declared deceased by the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, which is handling the investigation along with CBP.

A source in Yuma Sector reportedly informed Town Hall reporter Julio Rosas that the victim was a girl.

“The U.S. border is a child endangerment sanctuary zone. If it were the child of a U.S. citizen being killed while they committed a crime there would be criminal endangerment charges. But not along the border,” the source is quoted as saying.

The historic surge of illegal aliens across the southern border brought on by the Biden regime has contributed to a massive spike in migrant injuries, deaths, and drownings, as Infowars frequently reports.