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For the last several months, we have been ringing the alarm bells regarding the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty. It was concerning that so few were talking about it, especially when we consider that EVERYONE in conservative and alternative media was talking about it last April, May, and June. But it was allegedly “foiled” back then, so it fell off the radar.

As we’ve noted, it was never actually foiled. It was delayed. And since then we’ve been trying to ring the same alarm bell louder and louder. Last week, things came to a head when I devoted nearly four hours of my shows to this week’s WHO meeting. The treaty will be signed by Joe Biden and officially take effect in the United States despite claims by naysayers that it must receive Senate approval for ratification.

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Now, I’m starting to think that I’m either wrong about it (I’m not) or our brothers and sisters in conservative and alternative media are simply too distracted to notice the most imminent existential threat we are facing. This is it. This is the big one. And it’s being manifested in plain sight with only a whisper of protest from the “good guys” in American media.

I know it’s not for lack of interest. The emails I’ve been receiving over the last week tell me the people want to hear about it. Independent conservative show host Liz Wheeler said during a poll last week on Instagram, the Pandemic Treaty was the most requested topic to cover. The people want to know what’s happening and more importantly what we can do to stop it. Story