Posted BY: Sara Carter Staff

Thousands of fentanyl pills were found on a train crossing into Arizona from Mexico and seized by customs officials on the Mexico border in Arizona last week. The Daily Mail found that according to the report, the train was searched by United States Customs and Border Protection officials as it came into Nogales, Arizona Wednesday.

The train was carrying approximately 736,200 fentanyl pills and 196 pounds of methamphetamines in one single rail car. Just one day before, the port seized 150,000 pills hidden under the seats of a vehicle. On Monday, 10,400 fentanyl pills and 6.4 pounds of meth were found in tubes used for construction adhesive.

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According to the Daily Mail, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said it had captured around 50.6 million fake prescription pills laced with fentanyl and 10,000 pounds of fentanyl powder in 2022, labeling it the equivalent of ‘more than 379 million potentially deadly doses.’

According to experts, fentanyl has supplanted prescription opioids and heroin in the illegal drug markets. Officials from the DEA have said that the man-made opioids are 50 times more potent than heroin, with just two milligrams of fentanyl considered a potential “deadly dose.”

The DEA said findings show they have seized more than double the amount they seized last year; enough to kill all 330 million Americans.