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Jerry O’Bourke, 97, had the surprise of his life when he discovered the corpse of the 120-foot-long humpback whale in his backyard.

O’Bourke, who is a fifth-generation cotton farmer, says he has never seen such an incredible thing in his whole life.

“I’ve seen a few lynchings in my time, I’ve seen men holding hands and kissing in the street, I’ve seen UFOs, I’ve lived through WW2 and served in the Vietnam war, but this is the darn weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life” Jerry O’Bourke, 97, told reporters, visibly surprised.

Jerry O’Bourke and his wife Audeline O’Bourke who are devout evangelical Christians believe the whale was sent by God and is a harbinger of President Donald Trump’s future victory during the upcoming November elections.

“If my grandfather was still around, he’d have sent a bunch of his slaves cut that whale up and he’d have grilled up some serious ribs on the barbecue,” O’Bourke joked around while questioned by the press.

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Experts believe the decomposing corpse of the whale may have been bloated with such gases as methane making the animal light enough for the powerful winds of Hurricane Delta to carry it an impressive 400 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

“Decomposing whales fill with methane gas and expand like hot air balloons and can even float several feet above the ground,” Biologist Mike Nichols at the University of Little Rock explained.

In 1909, the corpse of a whale was seen floating up to 3 miles above the city of Chicago in a similar fashion before it was shot down 48 hours later by city authorities for safety reasons.