Posted BY: Bill Hansmann

Few things can make a soul happier than a PET scan showing that the little invaders ravaging your body have been either eliminated or greatly diminished by the latest rounds of chemo. My oncologist and the many oncology nurses and physician assistants will be forever among the most giving, competent, and gracious people I have met during my stay on the planet.

But I just read something of even greater significance — not necessarily to me, but to humanity in general. For the first time, a nuclear fusion experiment has resulted in success in creating more energy than was expended. Previous experiments were providing the equivalent of an investment paying back seven dollars for every ten dollars invested. Though many of my financial transactions followed that script, it clearly is not the road to wealth or even solvency.

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For as long as I can remember, I have believed that fusion would eventually be the solution to replacing fossil fuels as the planet’s main source of energy. The thought that the fusion of two hydrogen nuclei to create energy, using water as the fuel and creating nothing but water vapor as waste, is beyond exciting. We have an inexhaustible water supply on the planet, and acquiring it for our fuel needs should prove far easier than depending on wind or solar power. Access to water will still be there even if the wind doesn’t blow and clouds obscure the sun. It is the perfect fuel.

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