Source: Sally Zelikovsky

Probably the most truthful thing Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered is “We [Democrats] don’t agonize.  We organize.”  For decades, Democrats have been strategically honing extensive networks that coordinate action and funding between government agencies, elected officials, NGOs, corporations, schools, houses of worship, cultural institutions, unions, industries, and now the military.  They are the industrious ant colonies of politics.

Republicans, on the other hand, do not organize.  We agonize.  We are more comfortable wringing our hands, quoting the Founding Fathers, listening to talk radio, and going on cruises than organizing and taking meaningful action.  We are the Woody Allens of politics.

No doubt there are Republicans and conservatives who indefatigably dedicate endless hours to politics.  But for those who’ve tried to herd conservative cats and nudge them to action, the “assiduous conservative activist” appears to be an outlier.

I honestly don’t know why, so I fall back on It’s just not in our DNA.  Maybe we so value our privacy that we prefer going it alone? Maybe our rugged individualism makes us hopelessly self-sufficient? Maybe Don’t Tread on Me implicitly promises And I Won’t Tread on You?

Whatever the reason, the country is under a coordinated attack from within and if we don’t organize and take action, America will wither on the vine.

The good news is that Democrats have so wildly overplayed their hand, they’ve proven they aren’t sincere negotiating partners who share our goals for America.  There is no reason, then, for Republicans to cross the aisle.    

What about their Achilles Heel?  Ask any Republican to pinpoint a major weakness of the American left and the silence is deafening. How can we defeat a political enemy without identifying its vulnerabilities?

The answer is in plain sight: when conservatives threaten, pressure, or forcefully engage the left; push and punch back harder than pushed or punched; or do the unexpected — the left panics and exposes their anti-American, anti-family, anti-freedom underbelly.  

Independents and moderates don’t like this any more than we do.  They understand that Democrats destabilize our democracy when they flout the law, disregard the Constitution, or defund the police. They see the hypocrisy in opening the border with no restrictions for COVID, criminality, or skills, yet closing it to Cubans or Afghans escaping real persecution.  They fear being silenced by the Army of the Woke or petty authoritarians using COVID to curtail their freedoms. They’re revolted by demands to end racism with racism and nullify all of education and history, achievement, and progress in the name of white supremacy and privilege. They justifiably recoil when activists co-opt their children’s mental health with fanciful notions that something humankind has always taken for granted, is a choice along an ever-changing gender continuum.

Thankfully, fed-up parents are standing up to school closings, mask mandates, CRT, and Queer Theory.  Popular support for President FUBAR is dwindling as “Joe’s ability to F things up” has resulted in his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, his manufactured border chaos, and his inconsistent messaging, censorship, and authoritarianism regarding COVID — not to mention his government subsidies and economic constraints that have destroyed businesses, created a labor shortage, jacked-up wages, and fueled inflation;  and his indescribable lunacy closing down our pipelines while supporting the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and begging OPEC for oil. 

An exhausted and frustrated populace finally recognizes that Democrats, who enjoy one-party rule in D.C., in some of our largest states, and most major cities, have gone bat sh-t berserk with power.  If Republicans had any gumption, they’d exploit these vulnerabilities.  Instead, nineteen Senate Republicans sold us out for a pork-laden “infrastructure” bill that holds them hostage to a $3.5 trillion progressive spending orgy.

The only way to demand responsible governance from Democrats and Republicans is for every one of us to consistently exert pressure on them.  The cure is not at the ballot box alone.  Yet, when prodded to take action, I consistently encounter two excuses from otherwise dependable conservatives:  I can’t change anything or I’ve already done my time; let someone else do it.

The side that lacks the will can never win a cold civil war and leftists rely on conservatives to retreat and surrender.  We should never make it so easy for them.

Is there even one Democrat who thinks like this? I burned my bra in the 60s, let someone else protest #MeToo or I squatted at Occupy Wall Street, let the BLMers take it from here or Trump won so all is lost; I’ll just smoke this weed and wait for the Trumpocalypse. 

No. They swapped bras for pussy hats and OWS signs for BLM t-shirts.  They stonewalled Trump appointments and sabotaged SCOTUS nominees.  Democrat bureaucrats burrowed into their agencies to topple Trump from within. They fought him on every policy.  They saturated traditional and social media with lies.  They marshaled porn stars, creepy lawyers, socialites, invisible whistleblowers, and biased Ukrainian-born servicemen.  They manufactured reasons to impeach him — twice!    

The more they were proven wrong, the louder and more relentless they became, understanding that victory necessitates outrageous action, participation, and sacrifice! 

Calling out President FUBAR’s dementia and waiting for 2022 isn’t enough. There are no conservative superheroes who will magically make this all disappear or conservative grassroots organizations waiting to pounce.  That network the left has?  Conservatives don’t have anything like it.    

The Republic’s preservation is entrusted not to our representatives but to the People through our representatives.  We are the ultimate check on the three branches of government.  Our responsibility is to ensure that constitutional principles endure and to tenderly care for the mechanisms built into a political system that guarantees maximum freedom for the most people with the least amount of government interference. 

Popular sovereignty requires the lifetime participation of all.  There is no box to check that you served and can now go home.  No one exemplifies this more than Washington who understood that his duty after the Revolution was to the fledgling Republic, not his farm.

This country’s survival as that shining city on a hill and all the liberties it encompasses requires constant vigilance because those who would usurp those freedoms are always on the prowl.  When complacency or apathy corrupt the beneficiaries of freedom, that freedom is almost always lost. 

Quotes from the Federalist Papers are just words.  “It’s a Republic, if you can keep it” necessitates your participation and action.

Stop whining that America is doomed because the Dems control everything.

Snap out of your bewilderment that West Coast insanity has come to a flyover state near you.  Yeah, it’s in your school, church, neighborhood, your local councils, and state legislatures.  That’s no reason to flinch.  Did you learn nothing from Trump?  Push back harder than they push!  Punch back harder than they punch!   

Or, has all this talk about patriotism, liberty, the brilliance of the Founding Fathers and our constitutional republic, just been idle talk?  Criticizing congressional Republicans for their linguine spines is meaningless if our spines aren’t made of granite.

This is an all-hands-on-deck-call-to-action moment for conservatives.  Being busy with work and family, hosting a radio show, donating to a think tank, being a tea partier, or working on a campaign does not absolve us from our constitutional obligation to further participate.

It’s time conservatives adopted the left’s mantra that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

It’s time conservatives stop agonizing and start organizing.