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Grocery prices for milk and other items may surge after a formerly dormant lake in California is filling up again and threatening farmland.

Some Californians are happy the heavy rains are making a dent in the drought the state has been experiencing, but the tradeoff is a negative impact on farmlands and the groceries they produce.

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The inundation of water is causing the re-emergence of Tulare Lake, a dormant body of water that was once considered the largest freshwater lake in the western United States. It has grown to a size that hasn’t been seen in nearly four decades.

The ensuing debacle could threaten the nation’s supply of almonds, pistachios, milk, and fruit, leading to higher grocery prices that are already hurting Americans’ pocketbooks.

“The problem this year is it’s just begun. We may have water running at or near our flood level — in all of our streams, through August or September,” said Matt Hurley, a former water manager in the region.

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