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During a recent interview on a nationally syndicated radio show, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested more police officers on the subways have only worsened the situation, and that violent crime is actually down in New York City.

She appeared on “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday, hours before she would be reelected by voters in her deeply blue district, where she claimed, contrary to statistics, “A lot of people think that crime is up when we actually see that shootings are down when we see that huge indicators on the most violent crime in New York City are down.”

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“Subway crime is up, but let’s also note that subway crime is up after they committed so many more officers to the subway system so that tells us from a policy perspective, adding more cops to the subway isn’t solving the problem,” she said in an apparent attempt to accuse police of being the problem.

As crime deniers attempted to fend off Republican challengers in midterm elections, they often repeated the same claims. When AOC did so, it worked. Thankfully, her gaslighting was exposed on Thursday’s edition of “The Five,” when the panelists blasted the “frickin’ moron” and her delusional beliefs.

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