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Little Rock, Arkansas – This week, a lawmaker from Arkansas submitted a bill to permit exceptions to the right to an abortion when the mother’s health is in danger. Abortions are currently almost entirely prohibited by law.

The bill’s proponent was state representative Denise Garner (D). She stated that this would be a useful change to Arkansas policy.

“While some people seek abortions because they don’t want to be a parent, others choose to terminate because continuing a pregnancy could put their lives in danger,” Garner said. “Termination may also be chosen because a fetus has lethal congenital abnormalities. With Roe overturned and abortion now determined by a patchwork of state laws, even people who want to continue their pregnancies have less control over their health.”

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This will be the second bill pertaining to abortion to be submitted

so far this session. An earlier attempt to legalize abortions in instances of uncommon prenatal defects incompatible with life was made by State Representative Nicole Clowney (D). In committee, that legislation was defeated.“This has overwhelming popular support,” Clowney said. “As long as our extreme abortion ban is in effect, women will suffer.”According to Clowney, it will be difficult to persuade Republican senators to approve any exceptions for abortion, but it is crucial to

keep pushing for change until it materializes.“We’re giving it our best shot now,” Clowney said. “Time will tell if our colleagues agree.”

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