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We have reached a critical marker in time now. Much is getting ready to change in this country and this World! Therefore we shall pause and prepare for what is about to occur. Just know that when this victory appears in the 3D World, realize it’s from Father God! Know this, be strong in Father God, and know Jesus has won this for us. Those who have taken hold of this country will lose all they have gained. They have had some command set up since early 1918. When they made the BIG move in 1963, they knew they had taken over, and since then, all have been a lie in this nation. 

They know that Trump is the game changer and that when he returns to the White House, all they have done will be no more. They have tried to change the timeline so desperately that everything they have done will fail into a Blackhole. Please do not believe the lies, do not believe the deception that they are about to bring into this World. It’s all a LIE! Stand Stronge and hold on to what you got. Have faith and know that the worriers of the Light fight for us, and nothing will prevail against them. Every day when you go to bed and wake up, say this and know it is true: Greater He Whos in Me, than He Whos in the World! Never stop defending your family, and never stop having faith!

We Shall Return!