Posted BY: Scott S. Powell

Many think of Christmas and New Year’s Day as sister holidays. Historically, New Year’s Day is believed to be the world’s oldest holiday, predating the birth of Christ, which is the essence of Christmas. New Year rites of many pre-Christian societies and nations were undertaken for the purpose of repentance, the expulsion of evil, indemnifying the past, and purification before the arrival of the new year. This was considered important and necessary in many ancient societies because of the belief that an acknowledgment of failure and a commitment to change was a precondition of crossing over to the New Year, which marked a new cycle of time.

So, individuals’ New Year’s resolutions today have precedents going back to ancient times. But what should be the New Year’s resolution for the United States?  

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People who are honest and well-informed know that America cannot continue and survive on its present trajectory. Economically, our nation is already bankrupt; not only do current liabilities exceed assets, but debt is now growing on a long-term annual basis at 8% or more, while assets are projected to grow on average at not more than 3% annually. Politically, our federal government is operating at ever-new levels of dysfunction and corruption with less and less accountability to the Constitution in either the spirit or the letter of the law.

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