Posted BY: Jeremy Egerer

People who say “love is love” are morons.  Living in Washington taught me that.  They never ask “how” or “for whom,” and they somehow have the idea that you can just love, and everything will turn out great.

If they’d asked questions, it wouldn’t be so simple.  For instance, is politics — one of the dirtiest and most unscrupulous games we play — love?  Aren’t you fighting for somebody when you’re fighting somebody else?  Can you love a criminal and a victim at the same time?  Isn’t love a choice toward one person or one group of people and an exclusion of some others?  When you marry a woman and make a baby with her, don’t you have an obligation to your family — and not to a family in Mexico?  And how far can you go with it?  Does your love for your family mean you can do whatever you want with somebody else’s?  Isn’t love the source of all hate?  Is love the same thing as lust?  Can real love happen only without lust?  What if you love yourself?  What if you didn’t — would that make you a better person?  Would we even survive if we were “better” people?

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Not to make things too difficult, but if we don’t think difficult things, then we experience worse — and we drag the people we love through it, too.  Washington is experiencing this right now, a kind of political Christianity without heaven or salvation or Jesus and thus leading to Hell.  In other words, it’s a reaching out to the worst of us and finding out that in order to love them, we would have to hate the best of us.  Jesus Christ said that unless a man hates his father and his mother he cannot follow me.  This is a hard saying, but no harder than unless a man hates an upstanding family, he cannot love a junkie.

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