Posted BY: Jack Gleason

Americans who have taken off their blinders now realize that our country is systematically being disassembled from the inside.

Our laws, our morals, and our views about life, family, and justice, have been under assault for the last 40 years. Our basic freedoms of speech and religion are almost gone along with the right to bear arms.

The institutions that we trusted and relied on to keep us safe have been corrupted. A majority of the press, the media, corporations, doctors, scientists, our education system, and social media now actively work against the best interests of the United States.

Our justice system has been so compromised that a citizen can be given solitary confinement for two years for the political equivalent of jay-walking — without a trial – and a violent criminal with a mile-long rap sheet who attempts murder on a senior citizen is released by a Soros-controlled prosecutor within hours.

No longer can an ordinary American, no matter where they came from, get ahead simply through hard work. Owning a house is now out of reach, under-measured inflation means that saving money for the future is an illusion, and investing money in the stock market is a losing game for the average citizen while congressional insiders benefit from every upward and downward swing.

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Our dollar is purposely weakened through insane spending bills slid through Congress at the 11th hour containing hidden provisions that weaken our voting laws. Anyone who voted for the recent 4,000-page bill has pinned a badge on themselves as being an anti-American member of the Omni Party.

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